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Hongmi Machinery specializes in selling traps, sticky mouse boards

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Want to buy fly paper machinery on Hongmi Machinery

Quanzhou Hongmi Machinery Co., Ltd. was established since 2017-12-16, and has gradually grown in size. With excellent production technology, rich management experience, customer service and good corporate reputation, it has continuously improved in the spraying equipment industry. In a short period of time, the process of enterprise creation, improvement, and development was completed. The market for fly paper machinery is broad, and the products have been sold to Fujian.

A, single row machine such as production of sticky mouse board, speed is more than 1500 sheets per hour, sticky mouse sheet, sticky fly board (paper), sticky cockroach board (house) or (trap) sticky worm board, sticky mosquito board (paper) It is about 3,000 sheets per hour; the total speed of the double row machine is nearly three times as fast as the single row machine; B, single row machine or double row machine can be installed or added with automatic paper feeding-automatic fish meal -Automatic folding and automatic counting functions, except for packers, all of whom are responsible for one person; C, single-row or double-row machines are compatible with large and small sticky mouse boards, boards, plastic or other wooden concave sticky mouse boards, sticky flies Board (paper), sticky cockroach board (house), (bait) sticky worm board, sticky mosquito board (paper) ... No matter thick or thin, large or small board production; D, because each row of growth lines is completely independent The double-row machine can produce two different specifications of the product at the same time. It can start the double-row at the same time, or it can open only one row. Each row can have different production speed. E, the production speed of the single-row machine or the double-row machine is adjustable. Motor control, photoelectric switch combination control system and automatic tracking system are controlled at the same time to accurately track and clean the glue. F, special cylinder lift gun, after each paper is coated, the glue gun automatically Move up to make the coating even, and never tail ... G, the electrical parts of single-row or double-row machines such as cylinders, speed control motors, solenoid valves and other components are selected with universal accessories, quality and convenient for customers to replace ,Maintenance costs.

The service is the needs of customers, and it is our constant aim to meet the needs of customers. Hongmi Machinery In order to enable customers to receive products faster, we sell fly paper machinery to provide land transportation; road transportation. Innovation is fundamental, quality is life, pragmatism is the purpose, and efficiency is the goal. Our company adheres to the innovative business model and has the courage to innovate and try; we adhere to the pursuit of product quality, make unremitting progress, and strive to provide customers with superior quality products; we insist on the basis of pragmatic integrity, and strive to achieve the growth of corporate benefits.

In the spirit of professional persistence and excellence, Hongmi Machinery implements the guideline of "quality is the cornerstone of corporate credibility". Starting from product quality, fly paper machinery is manufactured, and customer demand is the driving force behind production. Fly paper machinery has a good user evaluation. Adhere to the production principle of "winning by quality", and strive to provide satisfied and assured products to customers who want to buy fly paper machinery.

In the high-speed and high-precision era environment, Hongmi Machinery takes customers as the center, market-oriented, and conducts business activities in accordance with laws and regulations. The company will, as always, supply high-quality, high-precision, capable fly paper machinery to meet the needs of the target customers, and continuously provide products and services to our customers, and is determined to become a well-known enterprise in the spraying equipment industry. Company address: No. 18 Shanyuan Road, welcome your suggestions or opinions to us.

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